This very beautiful Advance Proof is of my new book TITIAN’S BOATMAN which is going to be published by Black and White in January 2017. I am so delighted I have put it on a celebratory pink cushion and drooled over it. It is set partly in Renaissance Venice and partly in 21st century New York and London. Over the coming months expect this blog, on occasion, to take a sharp turn into the serpentine alleyways and canals of a sixteenth century Venice, populated with courtesans, gondoliers and painters. I very much hope you will enjoy the ride!

12 thoughts on “TITIAN’S BOATMAN

    • Thanks ME – it’s great, isn’t it? The final jacket will be slightly different to this but it uses the same device of a tear through the canvas which goes right round the body of the book and onto the back. I loved it on sight because it was so much better than I could possibly have imagined!

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  1. Fabulous cover, Vicky! Isn’t it wonderful when your work has a cover – it takes it into a different realm after being in your head for so long. And one of my favourite Titian paintings sneaking through. How exciting. Looking forward to your blogs on it – and the book, of course, which sounds utterly fascinating.


    • Hi Colin – oh I agree it’s so great to have the cover. It makes it physical at last. He’s one of my favourites as well and as I was writing the book I came across person after person who’d go, ‘Oooh, I love him’. So I’m hoping they’ll all the buy the book!


  2. It looks fabulous, Vicky!
    Intriguing, unusual and mysterious – all one could wish for in a novel.
    I personally cannot wait til the publication and I am thrilled at the thought of gliding through 16C Venice in the meantime!!


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