An Interview with Victoria Blake, author of Titan’s Boatman

Q&A with Linda’s Book Bag. Fun questions to answer about Titian’s Boatman and my writing life. A tale of stone throwing nuns and red Doc Martens …

Linda's Book Bag


I’m so pleased to welcome Victoria Blake, author of Titian’s Boatman, to Linda’s Book Bag today to celebrate publication. Titian’s Boatman will be published in hardback by Black and White on 26th January 2017 and is available for purchase here and on Amazon.

Titian’s Boatman


It is 1576 and Venice is in chaos, ravaged by plague and overrun by crime.

In the midst of the anarchy we find those brave souls who have chosen not to flee the city. Titian, most celebrated of Venetian painters, his health failing badly. Sebastiano, a gondolier who is the eyes and ears of the corrupted and crumbling city. And Tullia, the most notorious courtesan of the age, who must fight to retain her status as well as her worldly possessions.

In the present day, the echoes of what happened centuries earlier still ripple as the lives of ordinary people as far distant…

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