On the 15th February I’m delighted to be taking part in an event at the Amnesty International Bookshop at 181, King Street, Hammersmith, London with crime writer Vena Cork:

We’re going to be talking about our current books, Titian’s Boatman and Toxic.

The event is free and  all proceeds of book sales will go to Amnesty International. In a time when the leader of the free world is saying that torture is OK, it seems more important than ever to support our human rights organizations. My publisher Black and White have kindly donated some books and I’m going to as well.

Please come and I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d spread the word, share etc. If there’s anyone who comes who I’ve had contact with through the blog please say hello, it would be really lovely to meet you. Look forward to seeing you there! You’ll find all the details below.



  1. Good luck with the event Vicky. And I have to say, ‘wow’, I started reading Titian’s Boatman yesterday and it’s amazing! I thought Far Away, which I read just before it, was great (I left reviews on Amazon and Good Reads), but I can’t praise the new one enough so far! I always know I’m loving a book when it makes me want to write and this one definitely does 🙂

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    • Thank you so much Andrea for the reviews and the kind comments. I’m honoured, especially to have those remarks from someone whose writing I admire so much. I went for a walk the other day in the mist along the side of the Thames and I thought now I wonder what Andrea would make of this!

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      • I think I would have liked that walk, although given the smog London has had recently, maybe not as atmospheric as I imagine! I read a piece in the paper the other day about the way smog in London has been romanticised in the past and used in various types of fiction…

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