TITIAN’S BOATMAN has had a re-title and a new cover in preparation for its paperback release at the end of July. It has now become THE RETURN OF THE COURTESAN and here she is. If you’re a member it’s available on NetGalley. How could you resist the allure of the great Tullia Buffo?



  1. Lovely cover and title, Victoria. I did like the original title, which I found intriguing, but I can see that for more mass market appeal, more people have heard of courtesans than have heard of Titian! I wish you every success with the paperback launch – too exciting! Best wishes from Susan

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  2. Gosh! What an unexpected turn of events!
    And I’m sure a very positive turn of events.

    Being someone who teaches about Titian, I loved the original title. But I can see how the re-titling and the new cover are going to reach a wider readership. How wonderful to have an organisation behind you that wants to take you further than you ever expected. I have recently experienced something like this and, though initially terrifying, I was thrilled to have someone taking my art further on in its journey.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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