Here’s a piece I did for the Historical Writers Association (HWA) on what my five desert island books would be. Tricky deciding but I went a bit for laughs on the assumption that I’d need them. Don’t worry, you won’t find The Brothers Karamazov here, but maybe some books you might enjoy. They contain the following: rats, playwrights, an actor having a nervous breakdown, a woman with webbed feet, a war hero and the magnificent city of London. Sorry about the dolphins by the way – don’t know what came over me!


10 thoughts on “MY DESERT ISLAND BOOKS

    • Go for that rat! Regeneration is a book I re-read probably more than any other. I always come to the end and think, ‘Now how did she do that again?’ I love all her books actually. I’ve been watching a series called The Collection on Amazon Prime recently. It’s set post-war in Paris in a fashion house and I keep thinking of your Loving Le Corbusier. It’s very entertaining. Worth checking out – it’s got Frances de la Tour in it. A good reason for watching anything in my opinion!

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  1. Gosh, you know so many books.
    You will not be surprised at all that your fictionally-challenged Artist’s Way companion had never heard of any of the books in your list(!).
    Dread to think what you’d make of my list – though clearly never likely to happen.

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