ON MY DESK – or, why growing a Morning Glory on your desk is not a good idea…

Some of you will remember that a while back I wrote about the morning glory growing on my desk, or at any rate in a pot on my desk. At that time it looked like this…

tiger and morning glory

A tiger with the odd elegant leaf hanging from his paws.


It was all very manageable. But then time passed and this happened …

morning glory three

A tiger in the jungle

And further up it looks like this …

morning glory four

Up and up it goes …

It has nipped its way up all the hanging doodahs (technical expression that) in my window and a rather hungry looking tendril is now hanging speculatively about a foot over my head. I feel like Charles Dance in Alien 3. I’m not going to put the You Tube link in here because it completely terrified me watching it just now but if you want that pleasure type in Alien 3 and Dr Clemens/Charles Dance dies/killed and you’ll get the general idea. However all you really need to know is that it doesn’t end well for him.

And there is not a flower in sight. Not a single one.

The only good part of this is that instead of my partner walking into the room I work in and being aghast at the number of books and general mayhem there is now a completely new cause of aghast-ness. And our conversation goes something like this: ‘What are you going to do when it reaches your head?’ Me, à la Violet Elizabeth Bott (she had a lisp) : ‘I’ll thcream and thcream ’till I’m thick.’

If you don’t hear from me again you’ll know that Sigourney didn’t hear my thcreams either.

Tell me your bad growing experiences. All of them. In technicolour. It’ll make me feel so much better about things. And if you have any tips about how to get my morning glory to flower tell me that as well.

16 thoughts on “ON MY DESK – or, why growing a Morning Glory on your desk is not a good idea…

  1. Louise tells me that Morning Glory is not an indoor plant. It may be profoundly unhappy as it likes the sun. In the ground the roots can go down six foot or more, so best to leave it where it is and go without the flowers. Hope this doesn’t make you feel too guilty.

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    • Aha … but I once grew it on my desk and it did flower but I think there may have been more sun that summer. Six foot? Well this poor thing has got less than a foot so that might explain things. Maybe that tendril will grab a hold of me in protest!


  2. When I first met my partner, half of his sitting room was out-of-bounds due to the huge avocado tree that he’d grown from seed, and the bath was filled with ferns. Now we have a garden we don’t have a single plant indoors. There’s a message in that somewhere…Slippery slope, perhaps.

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    • I have decided to enjoy its green luscious leaves and abandon all hope of flowers. I think there simply has not been enough sun this summer for it to thrive apart from the fact I should have grown it outside!


  3. Bad growing stories … well.
    When we moved to Kent from London we did the whole acre and barns thing, a sort of mad dream since neither of us are remotely good at gardening. I don’t know how we thought we were going to cope. We are now in a sunny seaside town with a garden the size of, well, your writing room probably. And we still couldn’t catch the gardening bug. But, now, after 9 years, the tree next door that was forming a tent over our garden (hence nothing grew, rather like your flowers) has been pollarded – and we have light! So, perhaps for the first time in my life I might start gardening.
    But just look at all the abundance you have created. Abundance in any form is never to be poo pooed!

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    • Ah yes abundance. Deborah was impressed by the greenery as are people on the street who I see peering up at me usually with a frown on their faces!Apparently what it needs to flower is the sun and that’s been a bit lacking but I love the idea of your now sunny garden sitting there waiting…!

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  4. It’s a monster! But you must be doing something right if it’s growing that much. When I was younger I watched the mini series of the The Day of the Triffids on TV and I had nightmares for months afterwards – looking at it now it’s so cheesy, but it terrified me!

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    • Day of the Triffids is terrifying! Even though it’s not flowering I like the way the sun shines through its leaves and the way people point at it from the pavement outside the window. It creates its own mini-drama which is great when I’m a bit bored or struggling to write anything coherent!

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    • Hello Damyanti – not quite yet. At the moment it’s the length of my arm away directly above my head. Maybe I should try stir frying it although maybe it might then turn nasty or maybe I should say nastier!


  5. Bad growing stories. Well, my plants are behaving themselves, so the first thing I think of is the “piles” of papers that grow on and around my desk. I just put one there – truly, just one – and the next day, I spy three or five pieces of paper. By the end of the week there are at least a dozen reams of paper in that one pile, and worse, several other piles have begun to grow. What to do? My partner says, “File, FILE, F I L E!!
    I suppose he’s right…. ;-0

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