ROC Heffers

Oh, what a lovely sight! Delighted to receive this photo of The Return of the Courtesan in Heffers the famous Cambridge bookshop. Thank you to Susan Grossey who sent it to me! If you haven’t read her historical financial crime novels figuring Constable Sam Plank and set in Regency London then you are definitely missing out. So, many thanks to Susan and also to Heffers!




    • Thanks Madame Bibi and for the retweet which is greatly appreciated. There is nothing quite like seeing your book in a bookshop because more often than not I am fielding questions which are more along the lines of ‘I went into XXX and couldn’t see your book anywhere.’ To which there is no answer but saying ‘Oh dear’ and then going and festering in a corner like Gollum!

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    • Hello Pam and thank you so much for your support here and on twitter. It means a huge amount. My next one is set during the the 1930s during the Spanish Civil War and has a female war correspondent at its heart. I’ve always been fascinated by war correspondents – the fact that they head straight into situations that most of us would run away from. My heroine is a cross between Rosalind Russell in the film His Girl Friday and Martha Gellhorn. That’s the idea anyway! After that I’ve got a book on the English Civil War 1643 set in Oxford which is my home town.

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  1. I forgot to tell you that a friend of mine so enjoyed “Titian’s Boatman” – she read it in the hardback guise, which I gave to her after she went on holiday to Venice for the first time ever – that she is now working her way through your bibliography!

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  2. So exciting!
    I remember when my family and I all trooped into a bookshop to see your first ever novel on the shelf.
    Really looking forward to the Spanish Civil War book – such a painful time in their history.
    We are off to Greece on Monday, so I will scout the airport bookshop to see any thing familiar …

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