Remind me never to offer a prize on this blog ever again. Having written a blog post on an old Silver Moon Women’s Bookshop mug and tempted you into commenting on my lovely list of women writers, insurmountable hurdles presented themselves:

  • Worst and most painfully I realized I love you all! Too late I became aware that I share the belief of the Dodo bird In Alice. “Everyone has won and all must have prizes.”  I wanted to have a mug to send to all of you who commented including Colin who is in Australia but I only have two and I’m keeping one.
  • I developed a severe case of #TPOP – yes that is Temporary Post Office Phobia. It’s a thing, didn’t you know?
  • There was a heatwave
  • I had no bubble wrap. You can’t send a mug out in the post without bubble wrap. No you can’t.
  • I lacked a box to place my beautifully bubble wrapped mug in.
  • The US Open started on Prime Amazon and so I began watching matches that go on a hell of a long time into the night especially if you are Rafa Nadal – two 5 setters so far and it’s very hot out there!
  • I realized I am lazy.
  • I looked at the cup and thought, ‘Oh God no one will want it.’
  • I read two of the authors I had suggested for my hypothetical mug: Herta Muller – The Land of Green Plums and then Han Kang’s – Human Acts and I tell you they’re not jolly at all. Excellent certainly but when I say not jolly I mean not jolly in The Handmaid’s Tale sort of a way and the not jolliness lingered and made my #TPOP (see above) even worse.
  • Then this morning I was reminded that it is Last Night of the Proms (bear with me here). The last time I visited my father before he died was the weekend of Last Night of the Proms. I left him to watch it on his own because I thought that Jerusalem followed by Land of Hope and Glory would be my complete undoing. He was pretty ill at the time. So he watched it and commented in the morning how marvelous it had been. He died exactly a week later. I then had a memory of him shortly after my mother died. He was waving me goodbye after a visit and he was saying apropos of making sure I hadn’t left anything behind. “I will lay down my life for my friend but for God’s sake don’t make me wrap a parcel.” So my point is, it’s genetic. This fear of parcel wrapping. It’s in my DNA. Dad it’s your fault.

Anyway, I’ve got over all that now. I gave you all a number put you in the aforementioned mug and drew out a number and  Andrea has won. So if you’d like the mug Andrea please let me know your address and I will wing my way to the post office all #TPOP alleviated and sorry for the delay.

And to the rest of you thank you for your comments and I love you all and my gift to you (if you have Netflix) is watch Call My Agent, it’s hysterical and set in an actor’s agency in Paris. Also if anyone asks you, ‘Are you watching The Bodyguard or Vanity Fair,’ say ‘Actually I’m watching two hours of ‘Allo ‘Allo on the Yesterday channel.’ It will make you appear daringly retro in your viewing choices and loftily above the fray.

Finally, for no good reason at all here’s the moment when Morecambe and Wise had Des O’Connor on their show. Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “A WORLD OF WOMEN WRITERS #2

  1. Great post Victoria, it really made me laugh and ended on a sublime note 😀

    I love your Dad’s comment.

    I think I’m going to have to get Netflix. I’m tempted by your recommendation and someone else recommended another French comedy/drama A Very Secret Service. It can be avoided no longer!

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    • Hi Madame Bibi and thanks not just for this comment but for your many comments! I think you can get Netflix free for a month. So you could binge watch everything that’s good and then wave it good bye. I tried to track down that quote and I can’t find it anywhere. Maybe Dad made it up on the spot!

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  2. I didnt see your earlier post but I have the most wonderful memories of the Silver Moon. Every time I went down to London for the theatre I would make my way there first and never came away with less than three books. It introduced me to authors of whom I had never heard before many of whom are still favourites today. I still talk about it to my bookish friends and never cease to lament its absence.

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    • Hello Cafe Society and thank you for commenting. It was a wonderful bookshop with an incredible range of books and I really enjoyed the time I worked there. For a while it existed in Foyles but that didn’t really work well and I think a lot of its customers didn’t know it had moved there. Then it just disappeared altogether. Now Foyles has been sold to Waterstones which I find extremely depressing.


  3. I did leave you a comment while having a wonderful holiday on a lake in Canada – but it seems not to have got through.
    The mere mention of TPOP took me back immediately to your father and hearing these exact views from him while staying at your parents’ house – and what did I do, but leave something behind!!!
    But well done you for getting through it, after all, it was a generous thought at the heart of the process.
    And well done Andrea for winning!

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