Have you been watching? Have you given up hope? Are you marching on Saturday? Do you just want it all TO BE OVER. My apologies to non-British readers because this first paragraph is  about Brexit, it is not about spring cleaning.  I watch. I give up hope. I say things like, ‘Just don’t talk to me about it.’ I stop watching and then I start watching all over again. I read endless articles but by the time I reach the end of the article I have forgotten the beginning. Last week I watched all those votes (were they indicative? I’ve already forgotten) and became completely confused. However, I did enjoy watching the Speaker, John Bercow shout ‘Clear the lobby!’ at frequent intervals.  Bercow is a man who could stick his head into a badger’s set and pull out its inhabitants with his bare teeth. He is a man not to be cowed and he seems to have managed to infuriate the entire British media, who have plastered deeply unflattering pictures of him across their front pages today. It strikes me that he is a man who doesn’t give a damn.

Anyway moving swiftly away from politics, the purpose of this post is really to clear my own lobby. I have been asked to be one of the judges of the Historical Writers Association Gold Crown Award 2019 which is for the best historical novel first published in the UK in English and given that I am told it involves reading anything from 60-90 books  this blog is probably going to go quiet for a while, since continuing with my own work in progress and reading will probably be taking up most of my time. It may be that I manage to post more than I think but I just don’t know. So, as Captain Oates said as he walked out into a blizzard, ‘I am just going outside, and may be gone some time.’ However the good news is that when I come back (unlike Oates) I will certainly be in a position to recommend some historical fiction reads to you. Be good while I’m away.

Here’s a little bit of John Bercow if you’ve no idea who I’m talking about:

12 thoughts on “CLEAR THE LOBBY!

  1. I’m not going to even attempt to comment re Brexit or it will just be incomprehensible dribbling all over your lovely blog!

    Congratulations on being a judge – it sounds a lot of work but a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to your recommendations when you return 🙂

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    • Thanks Madame Bibi. I was wondering what 80s pop video would best represent the current state of the nation… the books have started flying through the letterbox and my partner has already said to me, ‘There’s more to life than books you know,’ ! More to life than books! What an outrageous comment!

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  2. Congratulations Vicky! What an excellent judge you will make. It would be my idea of hell but I know you will approach this task with vitality and intelligence. Am I right that you have one of their awards?

    Re Brexit (which I hate as a word BTW) I just keep thinking of the poor students of the future who are going to have to write essays on it all. Talk about nightmare!

    Have fun on you blog sabbatical and it will be great to have you back 📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚

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    • No, not this one. I got onto a short list for a historical fiction prize of a different organisation. The HNA – the Historical Novelist’s Association. Good point about the poor students of the future. At least they’ll be able to watch the debates. Currently doing some research into the Thirty Years War which is a hideous morass of confusion and keep thinking I wish it had been shorter! Say, ten…. yes, how about the Ten Year War… much better.

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    • I think he recently cited 1605 or was it 4 in relation to not letting Theresa May bring back her meaningless, sorry, meaningful vote for the third time unaltered. As for being paid my response is Ha, ha, ha ….


  3. You sum up the full Brexit experience so well for the vast majority of us poor mortals. I love your description of John Bercow, too. He is rather like a snarly little jack Russell – and infuriating the British media means he must be doing something right. Many congratulations on your selection as a judge for the HWA awards, Victoria – and all the very best with reading all those books. You never know, Brexit may be resolved by the time you finish!

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    • Hi Paula and thank you. Bercow is being accused of terrible things by all sides which probably means he’s doing a fine job! Heaven knows when and how it will all be resolved at the moment it looks completely intractable.

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  4. I’m sick of hearing about it – I voted to stay but now I want us just to get out so we can stop talking about it! Great compilation of Bercow moments though! And good luck with your judging, I hope you enjoy some fabulous new reads 🙂

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    • Thanks Andrea – I love the moment where Bercow suggests someone take up yoga! Not something I can ever imagine coming out of Betty Boothroyd’s mouth! Thanks for the good luck I am not a terribly fast reader but that has changed in the last week and basically every moment I had free is now filled with reading! It will be interesting to see what effect it has on my own writing….

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