white and gray bird on the bag of brown and black pig swimming on the beach during daytime

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Hog in a squall: to be beside oneself, out of one’s senses (-1887, nautical colloquial). Obviously the above pig is not in a squall but this morning I was. I had adapted to the joys of the cherry picker, beep, beeping past the window (it’s like a bad case of tinnitus) and the loud arguments of the two men using it and the apocalyptic drilling next door and the social distancing and all the rest of it and even the fact that the washing machine had picked the perfect moment to breakdown. But this morning there was a power cut. Yes, that’s right no electricity so the shops could not open and if it wasn’t bad enough round here with people panic buying, the power cut doubled that. And then the guys next door said that they would have to cut the water off at some point and I thought, Oh, fine no electricity, no water, no washing machine. How lovely is that? So yes, Hog in a squall, that was me. And then the power came back on and I felt a whole lot better. I’m trying to write my fiction but unfortunately it’s a plague scene. Can I just say in my defense, it was a plague scene before COVID-19 hit, a historical plague scene. Oxford 1644 in the middle of the English Civil War. They had typhus, something called campus morbidus and plague. But it feels immoral to be writing it and anyway who is going to want to read about plague once this is over? Time to think again.


  1. Victoria, I am loving these old vocab posting! May pinch one or two… And the swimming piggy is making me smile, so thank you for that. If your mental health can take it, I would carry on writing that plague scene – you’ll have more empathy now, and I reckon people will still want to read about it. But if it’s making you miserable, pick another chapter instead. And fingers crossed you’re now fully functioning with both electricity and water.

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    • Very glad you’re enjoying them. Please pinch them all. The pig looks so happy doesn’t he? I couldn’t resist him. There was also a terrible fire in Oxford in 1644 so maybe I’ll skip to a different disaster that is not so close to home! Electricity back but it was mighty unsettling when that went off. Hope all goes well with you and yours and many thanks for the comment.


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