BADGER-LEGGED: To have one leg shorter than the other. Colloquial from about 1700. Coming from the erroneous belief that a badger has legs of unequal length. So here is a picture of a badger showing a bit of leg.

Badger, Animal, Forest, Mammal

In other news the washing machine is banjaxed. You know you are doomed when the repair man says he’s never heard a machine make that kind of noise before. It was like a deranged metallic cricket. The replacing of a circuit board was mentioned but it’s 15 years old. Then he broke open the door and I got my laundry out. I hope they don’t shut down London before next Thursday, when the new one is due, because if they do I’ll be washing my pants in the sink for the next 3 months.

An attempt at normality was foiled by the absence of croissants in the Co-Op. I knew I was doomed when I saw a substantial woman coming out of the shop cramming a croissant in her mouth. Incidentally, I know the feeling both the substantial part and the cramming part, although I usually wait to get home before eating them. All gone and not a can of sardines to be seen.

On the badger front I have started following a twitter account called Mr Lumpy and Friends. It consists of films of badgers eating things and also an excellent one of a baby badger having its ears scratched. Very soothing. I highly recommend it, especially for those moments when you return home and tell your partner you haven’t got the croissants.



  1. I’m pleased to report that I am not badger-legged, given I had the length of my legs measured in a hospital once and they were the same. I am, understandably, extremely proud of this symmetry, although I have nothing against badgers per se…

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  2. Feeling very much badger-legged this today, with even a touch of hog in a squall as we haven’t had our croissants this morning either. I usually buy us a couple each, the ones packed with butter, on my Saturday trawl through Waitrose. Just had porridge instead. So we are moving north in a culinary way without leaving the house.
    Sorry to hear about the washing machine, but wondering what century banjaxed comes from.
    We had a look at Mr Lumpy. Very soothing indeed. As I seem to have the badger-legs just waiting for the white stripe down the nose. There is probably a word for that too.
    You could make your own croissants but it’s a lot of faff, bit like stuffing mushrooms.
    Keep up the good work.

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    • I saw coffee in the shop for the first time in a while and bought two bags only to come back and realise that they are whole beans and we haven’t got a grinder. I said to M never mind I’ll crush them with a rolling pin but apparently we haven’t got one so I’ll just have to whack them with a hammer or something. I’ll let you know what it tastes like!


  3. Not sure if it’s easier to make your own croissants than trying to grind coffee beans fine enough without a grinder. But good luck. You might try the almighty if you are patient enough. As they say ‘The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceeding fine’. Maybe all this will be over by the time he’s finished. I hope this isn’t just the first of many plagues but at least the air quality is on the up.

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  4. With the sad demise of Nicholas Parsons, I must politely call out: “Repetition of doomed”, though the repetition is no doubt in this case deliberate, ramping up the sense of armageddon re dearth of fresh supplies of croissants and washing machines. Perfectly understandable in the circumstances, so please continue on the subject of Historical Slang for as long as you like…

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  5. My father-in-law convinced my husband and his siblings (when they were little, I should add) that the sheep on the slopes in Scotland had been specially bred with legs shorter on one side, and that if they turned around they would tumble down the hill. I rather wish it were true.

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    • Excellent – it has a sort of ring of truth to it! My mother used to tell us all white cats were deaf which we believed until we were all sitting out in the garden and a white cat walked across the lawn and my sister’s boyfriend clapped his hands and it jumped about 6 feet in the air!


  6. Badgers are “badgered” a bit through time, aren’t they? Doesn’t seem fair. And they’re cute! Cute is not the term I’d use for the woman cramming the croissant down her mouth. Croissants are to be savored. I’m looking for a recipe now. A few days ago I made my first, ever, loaf of bread (called “no knead bread”) and it was so satisfying to make something “from scratch” that smells and tastes so good.
    (Although my guy says he’s still searching for “scratch” in the store…)

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    • Thanks Pam I think we are all searching for scratch at the moment! Hope you and yours are keeping safe. London is really weird at the moment but at least you can hear the birds singing. Trying to keep a balance of reading enough news to be informed of important things but not so much as to be terrified out of my mind.

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