One of the things keeping me sane during lock down was the watching of CALL MY AGENT on a loop. Have you watched it? It’s fantastic! If you haven’t, go and watch it immediately. It’s on Netflix and once you’ve done that we can have a discussion about which agent you’d want to represent you. Personally, I favour far left. He’s the only sane one there is and he’s good at nipping at ankles.

Is Call My Agent!: Season 3 (2018) on Netflix Spain?

Another thing I saw was COUP 53. This is a film about the coup which took place in Iran in 1953 in which MI6 and the CIA ousted Iran’s democratic PM Mossadegh and replaced him with the Shah. Ten years in the making, it’s excellent and informed me of something I knew next to nothing about. You can find out more about it and how to watch it here.

I am currently reading SWAN SONG by Kelleigh Greenberg-Jephcott. It’s about what happened when writer Truman Capote published a story in Esquire magazine which spilled the beans on a whole load of his closest female friends. Capote is a writer I love and he’s a fascinating personality, so if you like his writing this will probably interest you. The Esquire story, La Cote Basque 1965, can be found in Answered Prayers. One of the enjoyable tit-bits from the book is that Jackie Kennedy and then Onassis produced a number of drag queens one of which was named Jackie Uh-oh.

Love Capote, love this.

Finally, I listened to some Katherine Mansfield short stories on BBC Radio 4 a while ago. They were excellent. I’ve not read her before but these really got me hooked. You’ll find them here on BBC Sounds.

What are you reading? What are you watching? What do you recommend?Spill the beans below.


  1. Loved it! And Camille Cottin would be my agent because I find her face so fascinating that I’d be sidetracked if she was giving me bad news. Hollywood is fun, as is Rita. Books, well, who’s got the time? But Swan Song sounds good, thank you…

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  2. Good question! I have mostly been watching reruns – the Crown, Game of Thrones – comfort in seeing something again. Though recently our PT recommended ‘All of Nothing’ about Tottenham Hotspur, not my normal watch, and it was great. Though now I find out that there are 12 episodes …

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    • Sometimes I wonder why I have it especially when scrolling through loads of films I have no intention ever of watching but I love Call My Agent. It makes some pretty pointed comments on what happens when art meets commerce. I just checked out Rosie Garland and she sounds a bit Angela carter-y and I’m tempted.

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