The reading and judging for the Historical Writers’ Association Gold Crown for Fiction 2019 is pretty much over now. I have read this many books in roughly three months. Here they are. I can’t tell you anything about them yet so here is a picture of them with their backs turned to give you an idea of bulk.

HWA Prize

Roughly 96 works of historical fiction.

And I will shortly be resuming business as usual. Although I have to say I seem to have forgotten what that is. Then this fell out of a newspaper and it reminded me that it’s Pride month. I love Pride month and I was reminded of this:

first pride

Oh yes…

In my day you just rocked up to Embankment, attached yourself to a group of fearsome drag queens and crossed your fingers. Now you have to have a ticket. Is that better or worse? Certainly inconvenient if you decide you want to go at the last minute. Anyway, I thought I’d do a bit of queer reading. There aren’t many queer characters in historical fiction and I feel a bit of a yearning for community. But I’m also a bit fictioned-out so Queer non-fiction here I come. These look a bit tasty don’t you think?

Pride month books

Book list for Pride Month

It’s a bit Gertrude Stein heavy admittedly, which may not bode well. Here’s a message from her at the beginning of her Selected Writings:

“I always wanted to be historical, from almost a baby on, I felt that way about it …”

I wonder how she’d have felt after reading 96 historical fiction novels? Historical? Or like me, simply hysterical.

I should be going back to work on my current novel but after all that reading I have no idea how to relate to it. Who was the person who wrote these 99,000 words? Would my book make a long list? Short list? Neither? Oh God, why bother. I think I’ll go and buy myself some geraniums instead and take some of these books (25 since you ask) to the charity shop.

My apologies to those of you whose blogs I usually follow and comment on. I hope to be functioning a bit better on that front in the coming weeks. Well, on all fronts actually. Maybe Gertrude will sort me out. If you’ve read any good LGBTQI non-fiction (or fiction) recently let me know and I’ll add it to my list.