victoria-blake nice photoWelcome to my blog! My name is Victoria Blake and my novel TITIAN’S BOATMAN (re-titled as RETURN OF THE COURTESAN in paperback July 2017) is out now published by Black and White. It is a work of historical fiction set partly in Renaissance Venice and partly in 21st century London and New York.

I’m also the author of the Sam Falconer crime series: BLOODLESS SHADOW, CUTTING BLADES, SKIN AND BLISTER and JUMPING THE CRACKS. These books are set in South West London and Oxford. I have also written two true crime books based on documents in the National Archives. One on Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in Britain, and the other on Florence Maybrick, who was accused of poisoning her husband with arsenic in 1889.

My book, FAR AWAY was shortlisted for the Historical Novel Society Indie Award 2016 and is a second world war novel based on my father’s memoirs. My father was the historian, Robert Blake, the author of the pioneering biography of Disraeli. FAR AWAY, draws on my father’s account of escaping from a prisoner of war camp in Italy during the Second World War. If you are interested in this area of history please click on FAR AWAY: BLOG in the menu above because I’ve posted material there relating to my father’s escape specifically and Allied POWs in Italy in general.

I was brought up in The Queen’s College, Oxford and went to university in the same city, studying history at Lady Margaret Hall. Subsequently, I worked in law, publishing and bookselling.


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  1. So fortunate to have discovered your blog (thanks for the help in that matter) and your writing. Your accomplishments thus far intrigue me to the point of purchase (the true form of appreciation) and your “On Writing Quotes” provided much needed inspiration. Write on!

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  2. I am having difficulty getting ahold of “Bloodless Shadow” and “Cutting Blades”. I live in Canada and have searched through our public libraries, Amazon, and Chapters/Indigo. I have even tried Barnes and Noble in the states. Could you please direct me to where I might purchase these? I would prefer loading them to my ereader but even a paperback purchase is doable. Thank you

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    • Hi Anne sorry not to have replied before I’ve been away and without wifi. Thanks for your interest. I’m sorry you’re having difficulties getting hold of these books. They are not available as e books I’m afraid and I’m currently having a lively discussion with my publishers about reclaiming the rights. There are quite a few for sale in the amazon UK secondhand market. Is that something you can access from Canada? I have copies but am not sure how to manage payment etc because I do not have a paypal account.


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